Financial Aid Programs

Schechter is committed to providing tuition assistance to help make a day school education affordable to all its families. In response to the many varied circumstances of families, we offer an array of assistance programs.  We recognize that applying for financial aid can sometimes be confusing. We are eager to speak with parents about our programs and guide them through the process, answering any questions that arise along the way.

Schechter is committed to partnering with families who are ready to make a meaningful contribution toward tuition in accordance with their financial means, and who provide required information in accordance with the financial aid calendar. We evaluate each financial aid application in a fair, consistent and confidential process, taking the time to understand the nuances and unique circumstances of each family. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact Greg Hampton.

Financial Aid Programs

To begin the financial aid process, please click on the names of the programs below to complete and submit the applications.

Announcing the Presenting Schechter Program: New Tuition Assistance Grant for Rising Kindergarten Families

Prospective families who are new to Jewish day school can qualify for $10,000 a year for their first three years at Schechter. We recognize the profound impact that COVID-19 is having on families now and the foreseeable future and are proud to step in with this additional financial support to help prospective families at this challenging time in our collective history. In partnership with CJP, this grant is geared towards families with rising kindergartners and can be combined with Schechter’s groundbreaking iCap financial aid program. Now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. For more information, email

iCap Tuition Program is designed to enable families with children in Kindergarten through Grade 8 to anticipate their maximum future tuition obligation and confidently enroll their children at Schechter year after year, regardless of the number of children in each family. iCap provides a tuition cap equal to the lesser of full tuition or 15 percent of family income for eligible families. To apply for iCap, parents complete and submit the appropriate forms to Schechter as indicated. iCap Tuition may be combined with Discover Day School, but not with any other financial aid program.

Traditional Financial Aid is for families who need assistance meeting the full tuition obligation. Traditional financial aid is based primarily on the family’s prior year income and overall financial situation. Financial Aid is granted one year at a time. All families, regardless of financial circumstances, are expected to contribute toward their child(ren)’s education. To determine financial need, Schechter works with Student and School Services (SSS), a consulting firm and processor of financial aid applications for independent schools across the country. Traditional Financial Aid may not be combined with any other program. For families with children entering Schechter's early childhood program (toddler, pre-school or pre-kindergarten, please complete this early childhood application for financial assistance


iCap Tuition Program | Traditional Financial Aid | Early Childhood Financial Aid


"My initial phone call with Schechter's Admission Office put me at ease. The warmth and openness of the admission officers made us feel so welcome and they made it a point to get to know my child and what we were looking for so that they could be most helpful." - Schechter parent

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