Gan Shelanu - Program Overview

Gan Shelanu is unique in its offering of a full-day Jewish early childhood program where children enjoy the best of both worlds – a combination of a solid general foundation with the traditions of a comprehensive Jewish education. With every unit we will balance our general and Judaic content so children may participate in a well-rounded curricular experience. Our play-based curriculum provides children with the essential building blocks for exploration and growth.

Our curriculum is theme-based.  In this way we offer a scaffolding curriculum that provides the building blocks necessary to challenge each child as is developmentally appropriate. Children engage daily in multisensory experiences that foster intellectual, cognitive, social and emotional, as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Our classrooms and open play spaces provide children with the opportunity to make independent choices throughout their day. This is where they are free to explore areas that interest them such as blocks, writing, art, dramatic play, board games, etc.  It is through these centers that children will be exposed to concepts across a variety of disciplines including math, science, literacy, social skills, problem solving and cognitive skills.

The home/school connection is a critical part of our program. Our teachers post pictures and descriptions of each class’ day on our password-protected blog. Communication between teachers and parents is open and honest in the best interest of the child. Families play a very special role at Gan Shelanu and are welcome in the classroom at any time.  We encourage parents, grandparents, siblings and other extended family to come spend some time in the classroom reading a story, doing a project or just helping out.  At Gan Shelanu we embrace the entire family and make you part of our family.

We cultivate relationships within our Gan Shelanu community as well as within the entire Schechter community. Gan Shelanu families are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities including both social and educational family programs, volunteering in their child’s class and sharing special skills and occasions with us. Our children also enjoy shared experiences with older children from Schechter’s Upper School including Shabbat and holiday celebrations; reading buddies and more.

Gan Shelanu students are able to take full advantage of a wide array of learning opportunities with various specialists who consistently spend time in the school and enrich our program it art, movement or music. Children are active participants in their learning.

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"We love how everyone at Gan Shelanu cares for each and every child." - Schechter parent

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