Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our pre-kindergarten class will offer children a taste of what they should expect when they venture on to kindergarten and beyond. They will be presented with a structure that is similar to that seen in kindergarten while at the same time maintains the feeling of safety, security and home that Gan Shelanu students have always enjoyed. Children will continue to explore the various disciplines – science, math, language, literacy, science, social studies and the arts – through hands-on experience in learning centers. We will foster self-expression and self-esteem.

The pre-kindergarten environment will be rich with print and will lend it self to learning opportunities wherever your child turns. Scientific, mathematical and literacy concepts are integrated into all of the daily routines including circle, snack and center time. We will continue to provide the play-based curriculum that will optimize your child’s natural curiosity.

Our well-rounded pre-kindergarten students will leave Gan Shelanu with a variety of tools in their toolbox including literacy, writing, math, problem-solving and social skills.

Gan Shelanu graduates will possess a solid foundation to take with them on their lifelong educational journey.

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"We love how everyone at Gan Shelanu cares for each and every child." - Schechter parent

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