Preschool Program

As our preschoolers grow they become more aware of their world. Our preschool program offers a safe, nurturing environment where children may explore their surroundings and begin to make meaning of their world.

We will continue to build upon the foundations that children have developed up to this point and guide them to the next level. We will encourage curiosity, experimentation and individuality, while fostering motor, social, cognitive skills and emotional development. Our preschoolers will begin to navigate their domain through language, interaction with peers and conflict resolution skills. This is where they will have the opportunity to develop their sense of self.

Preschoolers’ increased level of sophistication will enable them to take their investigations to the next level. At this age children will feel more comfortable with their peers and really begin to flourish as they express their own unique personalities.  

At Gan Shelanu we stimulate every child’s imagination by providing a rich, multi-sensory curriculum where creativity abounds. Our learning centers will offer more multifaceted opportunities for growth and exploration.

The seeds for conflict resolution will be planted and cultivated as your child moves through our preschool program. Children will learn to navigate through their ever-changing social world. They will begin to understand the importance of taking turns and sharing with peers.

You will be amazed by the strides your child will make during the preschool years. At Gan Shelanu preschoolers will marvel at all we have to offer.

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"We love how everyone at Gan Shelanu cares for each and every child." - Schechter parent

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