Toddler Program

Curiosity is one of the most endearing traits toddlers possess.  They are eager to embrace all their environment has to offer.  This is the time when children are excited to assert their individuality and independence with their new-found language and motor skills.   Seeing the world through toddler eyes is like seeing the world for the first time.

Our toddlers will delight in their first school experience.  They will begin the process of separating from parents and caregivers in a warm, loving environment.   Gan Shelanu will become their home away from home, a place where they feel pride and look forward to coming to every day.  Through this first step our youngest students will learn socialization --- sharing, taking turns, cooperation.  Our toddlers develop their fine and gross motor , language and cognitive skills.  Our daily routine includes structure that  allows children to flourish at their own rate of development. The daily routine is predictable so children feel at ease throughout their day.  

Our toddlers  participate in all of the rich curriculum and activities available to the preschool but at a developmental level that is appropriate to them.  They enjoy time with our specialists, enjoy holiday and Shabbat celebrations with the whole school and are exposed to our Hebrew language program.  Circle time will enable our toddlers to learn to sit and focus for short periods of time.  Circle is the perfect time to learn about collaborating and sharing ideas with peers.

Our toddler program is designed to guide your toddler from parallel to interactive play, a step that is necessary for augmentation of social awareness and skills. The environment is well thought out and equipped with the furnishings that will promote independent play.  At Gan Shelanu, our toddlers are enchanted by the wonders that await them.

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"We love how everyone at Gan Shelanu cares for each and every child." - Schechter parent

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