Lower School Hanukkah Art Gallery

Grade one: Hanukkah-themed ceramic plates were designed first with pencil and then glazed with colorful ceramics glazes. The plates were fired in our school kiln oven and then sent home in time to use for the holiday. First grade artists worked together to create a large  mural collages of a Hannukiah using shiny papers and Cray-pas to hang in our school to be enjoyed by the community during the holiday.

Grade two: Second grade artists fashioned dreidles out of three colors of Sculpy clay. Students swirled and designed the dreidles with either spaghetti-thin Hebrew letters or by engraving them. The dreidles were baked in a conventional oven and sent home to spin for the holidays.

Grade Three: Third grade artists designed watercolor paintings for Hannukkah by applying masking tape to create menorahs, dreidles and other Judaic symbols to create artwork that taught about positive and negative space. These stunning paintings are on display in the school lobby.

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