Tibetan Inspired Meditation Mandalas

Second grade artists learned how Tibetan monks create large sand mandalas with intricate designs and symbols that they believe help to promote healing and peace to the world. In the Tibetan tradition the mandala lives for eight days while the monks meditate and pray before it is swept up into a container and deposited in a nearby body of water, ocean, river or lake to send the healing into nature.

Students created a collaborative sand mandala on a table in the art room.  After eight days, each artist swept sand into a baggie to take home to deposit into a rain puddle or body of water.  

Artists also created individual mandalas in pencil and watercolors with harmonious colors, peaceful images, symbols or words. Each class in this unit began with a relaxing meditation to help create a peaceful and creative state of mind.  In the final class, students participated in a visual meditation while each gazed at their own mandala.  


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